South Henry Regional Waste District was formed in 1989. The purpose of the district is to reduce water pollution problems and to improve the living environments to Lewisville, Dunreith, Straughn, Spiceland and South Henry School Corporation by providing for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage inside and outside of the district boundaries.

The district now provides this service to the town of Mays, which is in northern Rush County as well as the I-70 interchange along State Road 3 up to County Road 400 South and Fair Oaks Road.

South Henry Regional Waste District constructed the treatment plant and collection system in 1992 and 1993. The treatment plant is a Class II, .30 MGD biological system. The wastewater treatment plant's wet stream treatment includes influent pumping, screening, grit removal, biological treatment in an oxidation ditch, secondary clarification, ultraviolet disinfection and post aeration prior to discharging the plant's effluent to the Flatrock River. The waste and sludge's removed during treatment are stabilized in aerobic digesters and are dewatered in sand drying beds. Final disposal of the stabilized and dried biosolids is by land application. Plant performance is monitored by automatic influent and effluent composite samplers.

The District began providing sewer collection and treatment on October 18th, 1993. The service area for SHRWD consists of 93 square miles of the townships of Spiceland, Franklin, Dudley and the town of Mays. Currently the SHRWD serves 1035 customers.

There is 73,000 feet of gravity line and 194,675 feet of force main line with 10 lift stations and nine grinder pumps.